There are countless groups in the world of Brundor. Here listed are the largest and most famed organizations and guilds.

Knights Crimson

These Eldonian mercenaries are known for their bloody warfare and ruthless tactics on the battlefield. Normally hired to compliment fielded regiments for Eldonia’s army they can also be found as bodyguards for wealthy nobles and merchants. Some say the Knights are some of the toughest warriors around other say they’re just bloodthirsty barbarians. Notably most knights wear a red cape or cloak that is said to be dyed in the blood of a dragon.

The Order of Realm

The Order of Realm is a collection of Mages and Warriors who fight for their country of realm. They are known for being quite patriotic and very skilled in their trades.

Ghosts of Realm

The Ghosts of Realm are not officially recognized though they are known to exist among the people. They are as the name implies they are like ghosts, the untraceable assassins of Realm and his majesty’s Edward’s personal body guard. Not many can tell you about a Ghost of Realm
for not many live to tell the tale.

Consortium of Thier

The Consortium of Thier has been around for countless centuries and are experts
in the retrieval, sell, and trade of artifacts and goods. There are many skilled
and seasoned adventures that work for them as well as powerful wizards and sorcerers.

It is lost to the ages about how, when, or why the consortium was founded though they are known to be the most well known and secretive of all the guilds and groups known. Their methods are questionable and their wealth unimaginable. The head of the organization is a mystery and has been for centuries.

Knights of Azar

The Knights of Azar a rogue band of knights known to venture the lands of Artisa. They’re primarily adventures and many of them seem to have taken up the mantle of protecting the weak. They’re found in many lands and worship the god Azar.

The Blackclaw Adventuring Company

Based in Fairwinds this adventuring company has made a fortune taking any job. They are strict on entry of new members and are composed of some of the best warriors and mages known throughout the land. There are very few members though their ranks estimated to be made up of only 10 to 12 members.

Explorer’s Guild

An explorer’s guild can be found in most any major city you come across. Guild membership is maintained by paying dues to the guild and members enjoy being able to use the local guild halls for room and board usually only for a night or two. Many of the members of this guild are cartographers who map the local area or as the name implies explorers returning from lands unknown. The explorer’s guild also offers banking services as well.


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