Edward of the Light

Edward of the Light is the Ruler of Realm. Said to of executed the daughter of King Lazarus. Many of the people of Realm protest that the king could never have done something so cruel without cause as many of the people of Realm believe Princess Lessa to have been an evil monster and feared the same evil would befall their land. Since the execution he has not spoken to his people said to have chosen to stay in seclusion as war rages on the boarders. Some say this isn’t true though and that the Princess is still alive and fled to Realm to seek haven from her father driven mad from the Prince’s death.

King Lazarus

The King of Eldonia has suffered much from the deaths of his beloved children. The sad loss of the two turned to anger as tensions between Realm and Eldonia rose. With the destruction wrought by the undead army left the nation in pieces and desperate for resources. Angered at Realm’s wealth and prosperity and success as well as the public execution of his daughter led this man to lash out using his nation’s army to attack Realm.

Princess Lessa

The Princess of Eldonia. After the fall of Prince Bastion, who was discovered to be a Lich Lord, it was widely believed that the Princess was turned into a monster by the evil prince. The princess was said to have been kidnapped and executed by the king of realm to prevent the same destruction and catastrophe that the prince once brought about upon the lands.

Faris Bringer of Ends

Faris is a notable member of the Blackclaw Adventuring Company. Her title was said to be earned from the destruction of an entire plane during her many travels. Also, noted to have been one of the adventures to have slain Prince Bastion.


Brûndôr Azumaru