The Three Kingdoms Region

This region is one of the oldest and isolated regions in Brundor. The Three Kingdoms are made up of Eldonia, Realm, and Artisa. Each of the Kingdom is ruled by a king and are for the most part independent of each other requiring very little to no resources from the other country. There has been peace for many centuries but now war is on the horizon.

  • Eldonia
    Eldonia is the largest of the Three Kingdoms and lies to the east. Eldonia is bordered by mountains to the north and deep forests to the east and west. To the south lies swamps and marshes. The inner terrain consists of rolling plains and lakes. Dotted throughout the land are ancient standing stones where people used to pay homage to the old gods. They stand as forgotten relics of times past.

The capital city of Eldonia. Forged in the mountians the city runs deep. Some of the strongest ore used to come from the city’s mines in the ancient days but since the mines have dried up and have been abandoned but there are plenty of secrets still kept in the underpinnings of the city.

Boardering the plains of Artisa and the Lost Lake Laguna is a primarily a farming town. Many of its inhabitants are humans who’ve lived for generations off the land. Many never leave Laguna and the pace is slow and steady. It’s rare to see an Elf venture out of the



  • Realm
    Realm is a small country boarding Artisa to the North East and Eldonia to the South East. Though small it boasts of formidable army and fertile land filled with ancient ruins and large deep forests extending into Artisa with long forgotten secrets. Treasure Hunters are common in Realm though its main export comes in the form of raw minerals traded to the dwarven kingdom of Orieon. The Realm mines are deep and commonly found to have dwarves and humans alike working together. Realm is full of many races Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs being the most common among them. Halflings are not an oddity but aren’t generally seen as often as many of them hail from the hills in Artisa.



  • Artisa
    Artisa is a neutral party to the north of the two kingdoms of Eldonia and Realm. Though there have been some suspicion that the country has been backing Eldonia there has never been proof but tensions are weary. The whole of the country features hills and deep forests filled with ancient ruins and legends. Treasure hunters flock to the cities in hopes of making a fortune and claiming fame but for many only lies death. Consistent flow of adventures throughout the land makes it a very profitable country where all sort of deadly and unique things could be found. The Consortium of Thier has a heavy presence within the country.

Thresh is a small farming Village on the south edge of Artisa bording Realm.


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